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Jimmy Wolk Goes Big Time!

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Check out Jimmy Wolk in the New Fox-TV Show Titled LONE STAR!
Click here to see a preview of the show LONE STAR.

Ok friends, it is going to start getting a little weird.  First, Jimmy Wolk played me as a teacher who over the came challenge of Tourette syndrome in Front of the Class.  Now Jimmy will take on another challenge of how to kept two lives and two ladies at the same time.  Right away, you’ll see that his new role is nothing like my life.  As he enjoys being with two woman, I had enough trouble hanging on to one.  He lives in Texas, I don’t like the Cowboys or cowboy boots.  He is a con man, I’m just a teacher. He’s hanging up on billboards across America, I’m just hanging around the house with Dylan and Nancy.

If you enjoyed Jimmy Wolk in Front of the Class, you might want to catch his new TV show, LONE STAR on FOX-TV Monday nights at 9:00 pm/EST after the show HOUSE. Starts Monday, September 20th. Going by his new official name of James Wolk, he takes on the role of a charming Texas man who lives two lives in two different parts of Texas. He juggles two identities and two women in two different worlds – all under one mountain of lies as a con man. Joining him in LONE STAR are John Voight, Adrianne Palicki, Eloise Mumford and David Keith.

Jimmy is on the Board of Directors for the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation. We couldn’t be happier for all of his success!
Click here to see a preview of the show.

Check out Jimmy Wolk  in YOU AGAIN!

Jimmy Wolk just happens to also be starring in the film, You AGAIN, hitting movie theaters on Friday, September 24th. He plays the boyfriend with an amazing cast of Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Kristen Bell, Odette Yustman, Kristin Chenoweth and more.
Learn more by clicking here to see a preview of the movie, YOU AGAIN.

It is going to be fun to watch how Jimmy does in the future.  To think that he got his big break taking on the role of me reminds us all that if you have a dream, always try to follow that dream much like Jimmy has been able to do in the acting business.

I think a lot of people will be rooting for my friend Jimmy!

Cheers, Brad

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month: A Conversation with Brad Cohen and actor Jimmy Wolk

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Double Click Here to View Flyer of Event

The call with Brad Cohen and actor Jimmy Wolk (Front of the Class) on May 25th at 7pm/EST will last 1 hour. Learn more about what happened behind the scenes on the set of the movie. Understand how an actor portrays someone with TS successfully. Feel free to email us questions to read during the call. The conference call is free to the public.

E-mail us and ask for calling numbers and access codes for the conference call.  When you email us, an auto-respond email will be sent to you with instructions:

You can also click here to learn more about TS Awareness Month

Feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested.  Education about Tourette Syndrome will continue to make a difference for those who live with the condition daily.  This event is sponsored by The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation.  Thanks for the support!

Cheers, Brad

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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Join Brad Cohen during Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month for some conference calls with guests to create awareness for Tourette Syndrome. This series is titled “Talking Tourette with Brad Cohen and Guests.” Brad will be speaking with the following people on these dates:

May 17th 7pm/EST Brad’s mother, Ellen speaking from a mother’s point of view
May 25th 7pm/EST Jimmy Wolk, actor from Front of the Class -get the inside scoop from the movie
June 3rd 7pm/EST Sheryl Pruitt, author and educational specialist on Tourette syndrome-learn more about the co-morbid conditions of TS and educational strategies in the classroom
June 12th noon/EST Dylan Peters, author of the book Tic Talk speaking from a child’s point of view on advocacy

Click here to learn more about TS Awareness Month

E-mail us and ask for calling numbers and access codes for the conference calls:

Each call will last 1 hour. Feel free to email us questions to read during the call. All four conference calls are free to the public.

Help us spread the word about this event to help create more awareness for Tourette Syndrome. This event is sponsored by The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation. Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month is from May 15 – June 15 2010. Join us on Facebook too by clicking here!

Cheers, Brad

Hallmark Channel Now Featuring Front of the Class

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

What do Martha Stewart and Front of the Class have in common?

They will both be featured on the Hallmark Channel! The first viewing will be on Saturday, April 3rd at 9:00pm/est. Look for reruns to continue throughout the year.

Feel free to spread the word to those who missed it the first few times. This is your chance to learn more about Brad Cohen and Tourette syndrome. Check out Jimmy Wolk, Patricia Heaton, Treat Williams, Dominic Scott Kay and so many other wonderful actors as they help the world discover that dreams can come true!

Get updated on Brad’s new foundation too. The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation is up and running. Sign up on this website for updates.

If you like the movie, be sure to check out the award winning book too. It makes for a great present to educators or anyone looking for an inspirational story. Buy the book or DVD now!

Cheers, Brad

Just a Reminder!

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Today, I had a little girl email me a simple question: How do you live with Tourette syndrome….with all the people saying stuff?

She went on to tell me she received the movie Front of the Class, and it was the best thing she got for Christmas.

It was just a simple reminder that kids are still figuring out the game of life. So with that, I remind everyone what has helped me overcome the challenges of living with Tourette syndrome. I hope these ideas help others move forward to follow their dreams.

1) Keep that positive attitude
2) Focus on your strengths…….show the world what makes you shine
3) Educate everyone who will listen and tell them about Tourette syndrome and the challenges you face
4) Never give up……every time someone tells you that you can’t do something, prove them wrong! Show them not only can you do it, but you can do it better than others
5) Surround yourself with people who believe in you
6) Don’t make excuses, because the first excuse will lead to another, after another, after another
7) Find your passion in life and go for it
8 Last but not least……….Don’t let Tourette syndrome win! Don’t allow any of your weaknesses in life get the best of you!

While we are talking about Tourette Syndrome, you can help support the National Tourette Syndrome Association by clicking on the link below and vote to help them win $1 million in the Chase Community Giving Contest. Spread the word. Each person gets five votes and be sure to place one with TSA. Thanks for the support!

Don’t forget, Front of the Class will be on CBS the evening of February 6, 2010.

You can also learn more about the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation, Inc at

Cheers, Brad

Camp Twitch and Shout Featured on CNN

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Camp Twitch and Shout and Brad were featured on CNN on June 13, 2009.

Learn more about Camp Twitch and Shout at

Cheers, Brad

Front of the Class Now on DVD- Plus Teacher’s Guide for your Students

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Front of the Class DVD

It’s official, the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Front of the Class, is now available in Hallmark Stores around the country. Get your copy now and see a special “The Making of Front of the Class” section as an extra on the DVD. See behind the scene interviews with the actors and families of those involved in the production.

If your local store doesn’t have the DVD in stock, they will order more for you. This is one movie you don’t want to miss in your collection. And what a great gift to give a parent, student or educator down the road.

ATTENTION TEACHERS The Teacher’s Guide that goes along with the DVD is also ready. This is a great resource to use with your classroom when you discuss Character Education themes like acceptance, perseverance, positive attitude, passion, self-confidence, and much more. You can also have great discussions about bullying in the schools. The Teacher’s Guide is FREE. Click here to get your copy now!The Teacher’s Guide is good for elementary, middle and high school age students. I was involved in the development of the Teacher’s Guide along with the National Tourette Syndrome Association.

If you haven’t seen the movie, click here to get a little taste of what you have been missing.

Last but not least, even though Hallmark Hall of Fame has done an AMAZING job with the movie, people always say the book is better than the movie. Be sure to read the book  Front of the Class, by Brad Cohen.

Thanks for getting the word out!

Front of the Class Softball Team

Sunday, April 19th, 2009


Just when you thought you saw it all, there is now a Front of the Class Softball Team.  My softball was so inspired by the movie that they decided to change our team name from Telesource Solutions to Front of the Class.  Thanks to Cary, Neil and the rest of the team for supporting my story.

To date, the team has taken on the theme of the my story about never giving up.  We are 9-1 have have come from behind to win in ever game.  We are the regular season champions and here come the playoffs!

Cheers, Brad

Front of the Class Nominated for Movieguide Award

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
Movieguide Awards 1

Movieguide Awards

Those Movies Nominated

The Movies Nominated

 Today I learned Front of the Class has been nominated by Movieguide Awards for their Faith and Freedom Award for movies that promote positive American values.  The award ceremony is in LA on Wednesday, February 11, 2009. 


This is a great honor to just be nominated along with other great movies like John Adams, The Christmas Choir, Hero Ships, and The Medal.  Due to the last minute announcement, I’m not sure if we will be able to attend the event.  Either way, just being named is unbelievable and to find out that we won would be even better. 


I’ve always known that my story would make a difference in the lives of others, but for the movie to be nominated for an award would be a great way to give credit to all those actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc and all those behind the scene people who worked so hard to make Front of the Class the first class movie it turned out to be. 


Thank you Hallmark Hall of Fame for once again believing in my story! And thank you to Movieguide and the selection committee for thinking so highly of my story and Front of the Class!

Click here to see pictures from the event: Dominic Scott Kay (pictured), Tom Rickman, Brent Shields, Andy Gottlieb, and Cameron Johann all in attendance repsenting Front of the Class.

We have officially learned that Front of the Class didn’t win the Faith and Freedom Award. That award was given to John Adams and The Medal. But we did win a special award which was not on the program for Outstanding Movie About a Disability. Members of the team got up to speak at the ceremony!

New Year’s Resolutions and Not Allowing “IT” to Win!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Diet? Exercise? Not watching so much TV?  For me, I always found making a New Year’s Resolution kind of funny, because most people jump into their “new” routine and by the end of January or February, they’re back to their “old” routine again.  Instead of making a resolution this year, I challenge you to Not Allow “IT” To Win. 

What is it?
Everybody has a different “IT.”  For me “IT” is Tourette Syndrome, for you “IT” may be a sickness, disease, obesity, financial situation, losing a family member or a friend, finding a new job,  etc.   In my movie Front of the Class, we kept coming back to the idea that I didn’t allow “IT” or my Tourette’s win.  This is a major theme of both my book and my movie.  It’s really the theme of my life and it’s an important message I want others to not only remember, but to also act on.
Stephen Covey wrote the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The premise of this book is if you want to turn something from an action into a habit, follow the seven principle stated in his book. Two of the biggest ideas are to be PROACTIVE and THINK WIN/WIN.
For me, being PROACTIVE was so important as I needed to educate others first to make sure others understood TS.  Once other people knew I had TS, it made my life a lot easier.  This is why I say it is never too early to educate other people about your child’s special needs.  Don’t shy away from it, embrace it and learn how to manage your issues. 
For you, being PROACTIVE means to step outside your comfort zone for a little bit and start forming some new habits.  Yes, it will feel a little uncomfortable, but if you take some small steps towards not allowing “IT” to win, you can beat “IT” just like I have.  “IT” may never go away, but I do feel you’ll know how to better manage “IT” down the road.  For me with TS, “IT” has never gone away, but is age comes wisdom and I do feel like I’ve managed my life better as I’ve learned from my own lessons in life.  You won’t see me in a movie theater on the first night a movie is released sitting in the middle of the theater, that is just not smart.  But you will see me getting the DVD a few months later and watching it on my own TV in my own home.  Be PROACTIVE and have a game plan that works for you.  Be motivated enough to do something so you won’t allow “IT” to win.
The idea if THINK WIN/WIN is plastered all over Front of the Class. You must have a positive attitude throughout life and truly believe you CAN do it.  For me, if I started to honestly believe I would not be able to find a job as an elementary school teacher, then those negative thoughts would quickly take over and hurt my self esteem, self confidence and ultimately put me in a tough place which is difficult to rebound from.  Once you get those negative thoughts in your head, it is super hard to change that mentality.  So, stand tall, be positive and know that you won’t allow “IT” to win.
As the new year begins, I challenge you to think about what lies ahead and how do you plan on dealing with “IT.”  Everybody will deal with “IT” differently and I’m absolutely OK with that.  My main goal is for you to learn from my experiences in life and not allow your “IT” to win in your life.
How do you plan to not allow your “IT” win?

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