Ask Brad: Why did I write the book, Front of the Class?

Front of the Class By Brad Cohen

Front of the Class By Brad Cohen

Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Front of the Class- The Brad Cohen Story

Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Front of the Class- The Brad Cohen Story

As I’ve been going through the numerous email, this question keeps popping up.  The reason I wrote Front of the Class was because I knew I needed to share my story with other people as it truly made a difference and changed people’s lives.  I knew I could help people in Atlanta, GA and even in St. Louis, MO, but how could I help people in Austin, TX and Seattle, WA or New York, NY?  The book was my way of sharing my story.  Then it was turned into a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie.

Here is my list of reasons why I wrote Front of the Class:

  1. HOPE- I wanted other people who have some sort of disability or weakness to know that they can overcome their challenges and live a successful life.  Often parents of a child with a special problem just want to have some sort of hope that their child can grow up and find success.
  2. SUPPORT-I wanted others with Tourette Syndrome to know that they were not alone.  Many times people with TS have never met someone else with TS and they think they are the only one dealing with their issues.  And even those who don’t have TS but have other issues in their lives, when I opened up my feelings for others to read and see, they learned that they are not alone.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS – My story shows how moms and dads react differently to different situations.  If another parent can learn from my mother’s support or my father’s mistakes earlier in my life, then I know I’m helping other families and that means a lot. The relationship with my wife is another important aspect as true love can be found even if you are a little different.
  4. TEACHERS- I like to call it, THE POWER OF ONE, that all it takes is for one teacher to make a difference in the life of a child.  Who will that teacher be? YOU? Or next years teacher?  I make the challenge for YOU to be that teacher who makes a difference in the life of that child who needs you most right now!
  5. EDUCATION- Just like my middle school principal called me up in front of all the students to educate them about TS, I hope that others will learn that being up front, open, and honest about their disability does have its advantages.  I’m not saying this is perfect for everyone, but for me, it changed my life. There is power in education!
  6. LESSONS OF LIFE- If I am able to make another person’s life a little bit easier than it was for me, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I didn’t have a role model to look up to.  I now know their are many people that children can look up to to say “If Brad can do it, then so can I!”

What lessons did you get out of the book/movie?


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Tim Shriver - Chairman of Special Olympics

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