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Did your class watch the movie, Front of the Class?  Did your class read the book, Front of the Class? Did a group of teachers from your school read, Front of the Class?  Are you a future teacher who read, Front of the Class?

If so, you might be interested in writing Brad Cohen?  If you write Brad, he will read it!  Brad will also try his hardest to respond to your email.  Brad has gotten thousands of emails and wants to communicate with the public.  Because Brad continues to teach and travel around the United States, his time is limited.

If your groups wants to communicate with Brad, it is asked that you compile all of your comments and questions into one email.  If you’d like to send Brad snail mail, please email him for the best address.

If you want Brad to sign your book, he can either send you a signed copy or you can send him your book with a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope).

If you are emailing Brad because you are doing a report on Tourette Syndrome or on Brad, please don’t procrastinate and ask Brad to respond in one day to your questions.  Brad HIGHLY RECOMMENDS for you to read his book prior to emailing him questions.  Many of the questions you will be asking can be found in his book.  After you’ve read the book, Brad will be happy to fill in the gaps and clarify anything you want to help you get an “A” or write the best paper possible.  This is why Brad wrote the book.  He knows he can’t be everywhere all the time and the book/movie helps educate others about his story.

If you want to contact Brad, email him by clicking on this link!



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11 Responses to “Do You Want To Write To Brad?”

  1. Becky Sampson Says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    I am currently reading your book Front of the Class, and when you said, “Generally, children are open and curious and loving, and I wanted to be the teacher who encourages those traits,” I knew I had to write you. I am currently a senior at DePaul University, I begin my student teaching a month from monday, and that quote is exactly what has driven me to get my certificate over the past 4 years.

    As part of the teacher education at DePaul we are constantly trying to answer the question of how to integrate ALL children into the classroom and what the best approach is to address differences. I saw your story a while ago on the Oprah show and ever since then you have been a part of my drive to be a teacher because you are the epitome of incorporating difference and turning it into familiarity, inside the classroom and out. It was so refreshing to see a teacher who was so confident that students can take a situation, like a teacher with tourette’s, and learn from it instead of prejudging their abilities of acceptance and their capabilities of knowledge.

    This past December I saw a commercial for the movie based off your book and when I told my family who you were and how you had inspired me as a teacher we all sat down together the night it was on and you ended up inspiring us all. So thank you Mr. Cohen for setting the bar high for future teachers, people with disabilities, and me. I hope to pass on your lesson to all the students who enter my classroom so that they leave having not only learned from books but from life as well.


    Becky Sampson

  2. Jacob Whiteheart Says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    My name is Jacob Whiteheart and I am 11 years old. I have Tourrette’s Syndrome too, I also have ADD. I have had them every since I was 6 years old.

    I saw the movie about you. I really liked it! You taught me an important lesson that I will never forget, to never let Tourrette’s win!

    I wish you were my Teacher, Mr. Cohen. Sometimes my teachers don’t understand.

    I know what you went through. It’s very aggravating isn’t it?

    How are you doing now? Are you still teaching 2nd grade?

    Your friend,
    Jacob Whiteheart

  3. braeden Says:

    hey brad i have tourettes to

  4. Read Poindexter Says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,
    I am a 13 year old boy who is having a hard time with my tourettes, and is trying to come to terms with all the problems I am dealing with. I thought that the movie was fantastic. And i thought it was so good that we are going to read the book and show the movie in my english class to compare and see wether the book or movie was better. And so far, me and my mom are starting to write a book that not only shares the life with a boy with tourettes but a mothers life who has to deal with her son. I was also wondering if you have any important tips about writing a book that you could share. And thank you so much for helping me change
    my opinion about having tourettes.

    Read Poindexter

  5. admin Says:

    Writing a book takes a lot of time, but in the end, it is all worth it. My advice to not not give up. There will be people who say your book won’t work while others will say they are not sure. But believe in yourself and your story and prove them all wrong! That’s what happen to me…….and now I have a book and a movie on my resume…..and both are making a difference! Cheers

  6. Victoria Hurst Says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    My name is Victoia Hurst, and I was recently diagnosed with T.S. I was diagnosed on the first day of school, just a few short days after I turned fourteen. My mother saw an ad about the movie and decided we had to watch it. We loved it. It was amazing!

    Before I was diagnosed, I didn’t fit in. But I always knew I was different. One of my best friends mom screamed at me to stop ticcing or to get the hell of her property. I ran home crying. But I didn’t let it get the best of me. I stood strong, and eventually, all my friends came to understand it. But that one mom I haven’t spoken to since.

    I just want to say that your book and movie helped alot of people. It showed me that, to be who I want to be, I have to beat the Tourette’s at it’s own game… Or something like that… Anyways, thank you so much for teaching everyone about T.S.

    Yours truly,
    Victoria C. Hurst

  7. admin Says:

    I’m so glad you saw the movie and read my book. That’s the exact reason why I wrote the book, to help people like yu understand that you can’t allow TS to win. Keep that positive attitude! Cheers

  8. salka Says:

    hi mr cohen i really loved your movie you inspired me although i dont have tourrets i can relate i use to be homeless as a teen and every time i went for a job i was turned away but i always said to the interviewer that how would i ever get a chance if no one is willing to give me one and being homeless helped me become humble and openminded to other pepoles issue and i think that was the the best and worse time of my life best becuase it helped me see life a new way

  9. salka Says:

    now i am in collage tobecome a homicide detective

  10. jalen jackson Says:

    hi brad im jalen i have tourettes syndrome too i was born a sick child i had to have sugery on my head when i was six years old i didnt know what going to happen during my surgery so after i got out of surgery i was healthy and well at age nine iwas diagnosed with tourette syndrome im a little bit happy cause i see that im not alone cause i see all the other kids adults have it too so one i will understand why i have tourettes syndrome thank you brad.

  11. Endrina Angel Says:

    Hi Brad I´m from Mérida- Venezuela, I just watch the movie that is based on your book, and let me tell you that is so amazing all things, actually makes me cry, I´m a student of medicine and I love this stories because teach me and I focus on what I´m study, study because actually to help people, your story really inspired me even more, you’re a real hero, thank you for never beat and always teach people about your condition , greetings from Venezuela I love you.

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Tim Shriver - Chairman of Special Olympics

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Peter J. Hollenbeck, Ph.D., Professor and
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