It’s Time to Meet Jimmy Wolk, Playing Brad Cohen, in Front of the Class


It is time to introduce you to me, or shall I say Jimmy Wolk, who plays me in Front of the Class.  Jimmy is a great person and an even better guy.  He’s got a great personality and gets along with everyone.  I know the people on the set took a liking to Jimmy from the beginning.  We really have a lot in common.  This is Jimmy’s first big role and something tells me you’ll be seeing a lot more of him.  I first learned about Jimmy during casting when the producers and directors said they felt they had someone special to play me.  He was not a big name in the industry, but they kept saying “This guy can act!”  They took a risk and the rest was history. 

Jimmy first had to learn about not only me and my personality, but also about Tourette Syndrome.  I was recorded on video and explained to Jimmy that there is a method behind the madness with the Tourette’s.  That each tic has its own personality.  We wanted to make sure that the tics in the film came across naturally, almost unconsciously.  We didn’t want it to be forced.  Jimmy learned and then he acted.  And he did a great job.

When I first arrived in Shreveport on set, people thought I was Jimmy, but then they realized it was the “real” Brad Cohen and they quickly said “Wow, Jimmy really has Brad down nicely.”  Our tics were identical.  Jimmy’s positive energy came across throughout the entire movie.  I’m honored to have Jimmy play me in the movie.  As I told Jimmy, this movie is about the underdog getting a chance and becoming successful.  Similarly, Jimmy was the underdog for the part as many other big name people were up for it, but the directors and producers took a risk on Jimmy and he is about to shock the world.  Thank to Hallmark Hall of Fame for taking the risk and giving Jimmy his first gig.  I’d say he did a heck of a job! Cheers

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215 Responses to “It’s Time to Meet Jimmy Wolk, Playing Brad Cohen, in Front of the Class”

  1. Klyde Says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story to us Mr. Cohen, and I salute your bravery and motivation. You are really one of a kind! And to Jimmy Wolk, I think the film director made the right choice of choosing you. Your acting was perfect, I mean making those tics and all weren’t as easy as they look. Excellent job and I’m looking forward to see you in other movies. Big fan of yours. Cheers!

  2. Mark Says:


  3. Sandy Says:

    This was a truly inspiring story. I applaud Mr. Cohen and his perserverence and showing awareness to TS. I am going to have my 15 year-old son watch the movie again with me. I thought Jimmy Wolk was the perfect actor to play the part. I cried several times during the movie. I look forward to seeing him in more movies!!

  4. Julie Goodman Says:

    Ok Jimmy is so cute and I hear from every single girl who goes to the Camp that Brad Cohen and Hailey Sasine started. What you don’t know is Jimmy goes to camp. Not as an actor but as a friend and counserlor. He has a cabin of kids just like everyother camper with all camper volenteer duties. He has made such a differnce and helping get the word out about our kids with TS and just how AWESOME they are. How many hollywood actors play to the role and then WALK THE WALK.
    The movie , book and camp amount other resources were life changing for my daughter who has TS.

    Looking forward to seeing more your your work and you at camp again next year.

    Your parents should be VERY proud of you!

    Mom of Kid with TS

  5. Letticia Says:

    I watched the film I really like it. It is so interesting. I would like to know what is the tittle in portuguese because I´m a teacher and would like to get this film to my students. Thanks a lot.

  6. Laura Says:

    Hi! my name is Laura from Argentina!….I have just seen the movie in my country and I have no words to explain how you made me feel…thank you Brad for sharing your story and giving us hope…thank you Jimmy for such an amazing performance…(sorry for my not so good english)…..

  7. Aylin Öz Says:

    Hello from Turkey!
    I’ve just seen the film and wanted to learn more about you and Tourette Syndrome. Because I’m a teacher too and I also have a syndrome but not Tourette. I have Cushing Syndrome. While watching the film, I found lots of things in common. I had a brain surgery in 2008 and since then I love my syndrome because it teaches me a lot!
    I’m an English teacher and I am going to use the film as a teaching material in my classes.
    Thanks a lot…

    Aylin ÖZ

  8. Anne Says:

    Just saw this today on TV. What an inspirational story! What strength Mr. Cohen has, and has had throughout his life. And what a sublime performance by Mr. Wolk. I agree with everyone here-it is time for us to see more, much more, of this exceptional actor. I also thought the young man who played school aged Brad was phenomenol. Looking forward to future works.

  9. Orla Says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just wanted to say well done on a fabulous portrayal of Brad Cohen, you were amazing! Best of Luck in your future career, I hope to see more of you on the screen. Talented and very hot! When are you coming to visit Ireland?! Love from your number one fan on the Emerald Isle, Orla! 🙂

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Excelente película, excelentes actores, excelente historia!
    Me conmovió el hecho de que fuera un educador lo que me hace pensar que en verdad se puede generar un cambio en cada persona sin importar las dificultades que se presenten.

  11. Elley Lopez Says:

    hola, soy de nicaragua,un pais pequeño y un tanto atrazado con algunos temas,la pelicula front of the class me conmovio, la actuacion de jimmy es genial, me encanto, es un gran actor.

  12. mcclan Says:

    jimmy is amazng i just met him this week and played a basketball tournament

  13. Dot Says:

    Today is May 5, 2012 and they aired this wonderful movie again. Jimmy Wolk did such a great acting job in this unforgettable movie. Mr. Cohen you are such an inspiration to everyone.

  14. Kabeener Says:

    Where on earth have I seen James Wolk act when he was younger. he looks SOO familiar!

  15. Gil Bar-On Says:

    Hello dear Brad! 🙂
    My name is Gil and I just finished watching your movie with my spouse Anat,
    I have to say, your story was one of the best I’ve seen and really touched me!
    I also have a story of my own and you’re doing almost exactly what I always wanted to do..
    About a month and a half ago I also started working as a computer teacher in a school,
    and I also had my dream come true and I had my first lecture, sharing my own life story..
    (You’re welcome to watch it in the link above- There’s an option for English subtitles)
    Maybe one day I’ll also write my book & have a movie done about my life… 🙂
    I wanted to thank you with all of my heart,
    You’re a true inspiration to many, and really paved the way for many others.
    I feel like we’re pioneers and our problems makes us the best! 🙂
    The more we have gone through and had to suffer, the farther we can reach! 🙂
    This movie was wonderful and Jimmy, Dominic, Patricia & the others were just Great!
    I really loved the love story between you and Lucy, it’s so rare and importnat to have..
    I’m so happy for Both of you & I wish you the Best! 🙂
    Thanks again a lot and Lots of Love!
    Gil Bar-On from Israel 🙂

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"Brad Cohen is a walking billboard for the idea of living positively. He is like a cold drink on a hot day--refreshing, energizing, and likely to put a smile on your face."
Tim Shriver - Chairman of Special Olympics

"I have observed the magic of Brad Cohen in the classroom. He has turned Tourette Syndrome into an asset, and his life into inspiration."
Senator Johnny Isakson, Georgia

"Brad Cohen's story is a triumph of hope, determination, will and relentless good humor."
Peter J. Hollenbeck, Ph.D., Professor and
Associate Head of Biological Sciences,
Purdue University

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