Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month: A Conversation with Brad Cohen and Kid Author Dylan Peters

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The call with Brad Cohen and kid author Dylan Peters will be on Saturday, June 12th at noon/EST and will last 1 hour. Learn how children can become advocates for themselves and how one boy decided to not only tell his classmates, but tell the world about TS through his book, Tic Talk: Living with Touretre Syndrome, A 9-year-old boy’s story in his own words.  

Feel free to email us questions to read during the call. The conference call is free to the public.

E-mail us and ask for calling numbers and access codes for the conference call. When you email us, an auto-respond email will be sent to you with instructions:

You can also click here to learn more about TS Awareness Month

Feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested. Education about Tourette Syndrome will continue to make a difference for those who live with the condition daily. This event is sponsored by The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation. Thanks for the support of Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month!

Cheers, Brad


2 Responses to “Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month: A Conversation with Brad Cohen and Kid Author Dylan Peters”

  1. Beth Keane Says:

    Just wondering if Brad would want to share what medications he has tried and whch seemed to work the best for him. I know everyone is different but it helps to get some insight. My son has tried many different ones and the present combination of Luvox and Abilify has helped to take away some of the compulsions but it also seems to steal his thunder and make him unmotivated. Wondering what balance of medication worked for Brad while he is able to perform at his job. We tried adding an ADHD medication (Vyvanse) and it helped him to focus and feel good but the tics often got worse. Have you ever been tested for food intolerence or gluten intolerance? We did get a complete neurotransmitter blood test and many of his were too high or too low. Any advice would be so helpful.

  2. Jeanne Holland Says:

    My husband John Holland has Tourette’s and he is taking Abilify and Lexapro and it seems to help him.

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