Brad Meets President George W. Bush

President Bush Write Brad a Letter

President Bush Writes Brad a Letter

Brad and Nancy Meet President Bush and the First Lady

Brad and Nancy Meet President Bush and the First Lady

What an amazing experience Nancy and I had as we were invited to the White House one week after the movie aired on CBS. We had a chance to meet President George W. Bush and Laura Bush. They were both very nice. They had not seen the movie yet, but George knew all about me as he screamed out as I approached, “I’m looking for that inspirational elementary school teacher.” I guess he heard the noises I was making! He gave both Nancy and me hugs and then took a picture with us. I’m not real happy about him having his hands all over Nancy, but I’ll get over it!



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  1. Aimee Dahlberg Says:

    Brad and Nancy,

    To meet the President of The United States must have been quite the honor and that is wonderful to hear that you are just such an inspiration to a lot of people. This is something that I am sure that you and Nancy will be able to share one day when you have children and know how proud they will be of you and of the accomplishments that you have achieved in your life.

  2. Teri Singer Says:

    Brad and Nancy,
    What an honor indeed it had to have been to meet the President! Surely your journey has taken you through some amazing and memorable moments….you are now reaping the benefits of your tenaciousness and positive outlook on life…….a true inspiration to us all. Loved the picture!

  3. Meredith Rutter Says:

    To be *invited* to the White House – it takes my breath away! You know that as your original publisher, I was thrilled to participate in getting your story out there to begin with. You knew better than anyone where your path could lead. Your enthusiasm was catching, and now you’re showing us all the unlimited potential of having an inspiring story to tell and telling it at every opportunity to help others facing similar challenges. Focus and hard work pay off. In time, many thousands of people will thank you, Brad, for helping them grab hold of a better life. (P.S. A true LOL on your last sentence.)

  4. Diane Krieg Says:

    Brad and Nancy,
    I too, loved the picture of you and the first family. Now I know how you have not only survived but thrived. You have a great sense of humor! It is the only way to overcome adversity; laugh , live and love. You seem to do all three. God bless you.

  5. Ellen Goldstein Says:

    Brad you never stop to amaze me with all of your acomplishments. To look at a picture of my son his wife with the first family is beyond words for me. I cannot imagine where your unlimited potential will take you next. Maybe you can fix the country and help out Obama. Thank you for your devotion to me Jeff Nancy family and friends. God bless you mom

  6. Susan Bohus-Beck Says:

    How wonderful to meet the President and his wife! I have such admiration for you. Even though you had many negative experiences as a child and a student, you overcame the “negatives” and became an inspiration to many!!
    My wish is that your book will soon be on audio so that my son will be able to read it. He has Tourette’s with OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD. He also has “rage” episodes that cause him to become angry with himself.
    I know that your story would help him!

  7. Lou and Lenny Newman Says:

    Dear Brad and Nancy,
    We delight in your achievements, and know Grandma Dorothy is smiling down on you!! Love your picture with the Bushes!
    Belated congratulations on your marriage. Wishing you many years of fun together,

    Your Hoosier cousins, Lenny and Louise (Shainberg) Newman

  8. Brian Simmons Says:

    Just when I thought you have impressed us all with your life’s story and the daily display of courage, determination and perservance, you surprise us again with another great reminder of just how impactful your influence is in our lives. Congratulations! You deserve all of these “Big Ups!”

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Tim Shriver - Chairman of Special Olympics

"I have observed the magic of Brad Cohen in the classroom. He has turned Tourette Syndrome into an asset, and his life into inspiration."
Senator Johnny Isakson, Georgia

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Peter J. Hollenbeck, Ph.D., Professor and
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