Meet Helen Ingebritsen Who Plays Brad Cohen’s Mentor in Front of the Class

Let me introduce to you Helen Ingebritsen. Helen plays the role of Susan Scott in Front of the Class. Susan was my mentor when I first started teaching at Mountain View Elementary. Susan and I had a similar philosophy of education. We partnered up on a lot of projects to help make our lessons better for the kids. We took her experience and expertise with curriculum and my creativity and youth and put them together for a winning combination. She was a great mentor for me and we continue to keep in touch today.

Helen plays this role well. She was a delight to meet and I had a chance to see her act in just a few scenes. She had the look of a teacher and was very energetic about playing this role. I’m excited to see how things turn out. You’ll see in the movie that her support helps push me through my first year of teaching. Every first year teacher needs someone like Susan. I think you will enjoy her role in the film. Cheers

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  1. Patti McDorman Says:

    Brad, I loved your story as depicted by the movie. Life’s many obstacles have to be pushed through and conquered. Thanks so much for the motivation to continue the course with new fervor!

  2. Penny Says:

    Please know I have no more to say than what everyone who just watch the Hallmark show “In Front of the Class”. I am insprired eventho I’m not a teacher. I had my 10 yr old son watch it with me just because I wanted him to know the man I work with (an I.T. worker) has the same disability and for my son to understand it. It’s of course funny to our son, our I.T. Guy has the kind where he says obscene words. After watching the show my son said “boy that guy, Brad, he teaches more than just school, he teaches EVERYTHING every kid (and adult) should know”. WOW I cried, not just because it appears as a lived happily ever after movie, and the GOOD guy wins the beautiful girl, but this two hours of TV taught US more than we could of learned in years of talk and books. And I loved what it did for my son and I tonight we had GOOD conversation. This was so timely for us. I hadn’t even heard about the movie until the commercial about it came on during the “The Amazing Race” finale.
    And I thought that was good.. I personally watch TV maybe 4 hours a week total and it all happened tonight. Only IF ALL TV was this good. I coordinate a yearly event for about 400+ educators who teach here on the Flathead Indian Reservation in NW Montana. While we are probably not able to bring Brad here to Montana I would be interested if anyone in you emails live in or near the area and may be Native American who can talk about over coming difficulities in the classroom for kids, or working with children who do. Our conference is the 3rd Fri. of Sept. annually and we try to get an American Indian. Someone who we offer as a gift to our educators of our children, to entertain, encourage, and educate. Suggestions? let’s talk, if not Just know you made a difference for me personally. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Happy Holidays oh and did I say THANK YOU! Penny

  3. valerie miller Says:

    I know you Brad since I go to Temple Emanuel and Helen I know from being a paralegal together, and just saw her recently in a play in Little 5 Points. When I saw her in the movie I said small world. I also heard about Zac Miller too, because i know Nancy his mom. Great movie, enjoyed it very much. Pass this on to Helen if can. Val

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