Sarah Drew Plays the Wife of Brad Cohen, Nancy, in Front of the Class

Yes, my wife did make it in the movie and she is being played by Sarah Drew.
Sarah is a really sweet, fun and outgoing girl. You might recognize her from either Everwood, playing Hannah Rogers, or from the movie Radio, where she played the daughter of the coach. We really enjoyed ourselves as we had a chance to get to know each other. Nancy and I went out to dinner with Sarah and a small group from the set.
The best scene we watched them shoot was when Nancy visits St. Louis with me for the first time. At Thanksgiving dinner I pull Nancy away and give her a great big kiss. Obviously, in the movie it is Jimmy and Sarah kissing, so on this day, we just watched them go at it and we remembered the good ole days.
I know we were both happy with Sarah’s performance both during the kiss and the rest of the time. We know you will enjoy her character also when the movie comes out.

16 Responses to “Sarah Drew Plays the Wife of Brad Cohen, Nancy, in Front of the Class”

  1. jc Says:

    hi there brad,

    my name is jc and i am from the philippines. i just watched the movie like 4 hours ago and i just want you to know that this story really touched my heart and made me cry while watching it. i truly salute you for being so optimistic all the time despite of all the things that you have been through. you are truly gifted and you really did make a difference. good job my friend. and all the actors in this movie are so amazingly great! the best part of everything is that you brought hope, courage, and positive energy within me. thank you for that and thank you for the beautiful movie. this is one of favorite and its just so good. im gonna watch it again. so, hope all is good with you and may god bless you always. btw, send my regards to nancy. hehe…. great movie!!!

    bye for now…
    jC (“,)

  2. jodelle Says:

    hi brad and nancy. like jc, i just saw the movie last night (june 25 – Manila time). it’s very inspiring. it’s one of those movies when you feel sad, you’d see it and then you feel better. though your situation didn’t change, your attitude made the difference. hope all is well.

  3. Hedy Says:

    until i watched the movie, i didn’t knw about ts, i thought tt it was a bad habit.. Thank u for produced the movie πŸ™‚ send my warm regard to brad’s mom.. She’s a real fighter, all of brad’s family member πŸ˜€ & brad u’re really role model., for the cast, good job! πŸ˜‰

  4. DinGDonG Says:

    Hi Brad
    i’m thailand. i may not good in english but i want to tell you that you’re very great!!! So I just saw the movie from HBO last night. i’m very proud to you. You make me to keep walking in my life with my obstacle. I will keep you to my ideal.

  5. mely lim Says:

    hey your story really help me to through my lonely life. hope i can know u and nancy better. all the best


  6. Anne Says:

    Hi there Brad, I am also from the Philippines; like the others, I was also touched and inspired by your courage and dedication to fulfill your dream of being a teacher. I am a teacher myself (preschool)and my husband and I couldn’t help but cry while watching your life story. You have blessed many of us to have shared your story with the rest of the world. I hope to be able to inspire my little students like you have, and help each and every one of them reach for their dreams and aspirations. Have a great life with your family and continue to be a gift to everyone.

  7. Anne Says:

    ‘Me again Brad — will put a link of your site from mine, so I can share it with my friends and relatives. Thanks again for the hope that you have placed in so many people. ;o)

  8. manjula Says:

    Hey Brad, i m watching the movie.. me bn a managing director feels do bad why i could nt be a 2 nd grade teacher. what man yo are πŸ™‚ so wonderful of you to do a such a gr8 job Weldone brad.

  9. Dawn S Says:

    What an incredibly inspirational story! My 5 year old and I just watched it. in the beginning he wanted to know what “all the weird noises” were, by the end, he wanted a teacher just like you! Bravo to Mountainview for having the courage to do what was right-hire a teacher passionate about his students learning on all levels, to include tolerance and compassion. Thank you for sharing your story.

  10. Teresa Sulzer Says:

    I just watched the movie Front of the Class and loved it! A story of overcoming obstacles,never giving up, staying positive and reaching your goal. What a wonderful story and message to teachers, parents, and anyone with a disability. It really is ok to be different and if only all teachers recognized differences (not problems) and helped those students find a way to succeed.

  11. Kate Says:

    I watched the movie “Head of the Class” last night, and absolutely loved the film. The challenges Brad must face, but overcomes them so beautifully with such optimism, are inspiring. I have a child who, I believe has autism. I am in the process of getting his general tests. No one understands him, and it is so painful to hear reactions from teachers and those in charge. I just wish my son could have you-Brad as his regular teacher. I love this movie, and will recommend it to others, especially those in the teaching profession. This movie about TS, is excellent for anyone encountering a struggle in their life. Thanks so much- you are a true inspiration!

  12. Anna Says:

    Hi Brad
    My name is Anna and i just love your movie. It really touched me. I loved how you were so determined to make your dream a reality. I have watched the movie many times and I just want to tell you to continue to do what you love and “never let terets win”!

  13. Cynthia Says:


    I just watched your movie…and it was very moving. I know you probably hear this a lot, but your story was an amazing testimony. I have issues that I deal with in my life as well, and this really helped me realize how important it is to keep going. Even when it gets hard.

    I wish you were my teacher.


  14. Rebekah Drake Says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen 6-10-10
    I just wanted to say if you go to the contact Brad then I wrote something earlier
    Rebekah drake

  15. Rita Says:

    Hello Brad, I just saw your movie for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I have a hard time learning and was feeling sorry for myself and I saw your movie. G-d is good to bring us back and out of the pit. If you could do it so can I.


    Rita and may the L-rd keep you and bless you and your family.

  16. Warren Baldwin Says:

    Just watched the movie for about the 3rd time. It’s in my wife’s top 3 favorites. Good movie based on a very inspiring life – thank you.

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