Meet the Middle School Principal Brad Cohen Had…. Mike Pniewski

Meet Mike Pniewski, who plays my middle school principal Mr. Myer. Mike was a great guy to be around. I had heard good things about him and then when we met him in person he was a joy to be around. We had a chance to have dinner with him as well as travel back to Atlanta on the airplane with him too. Mike has appeared in many movies and TV Shows. One of my favorites was We Are Marshall where he played Coach Bobby Bowden. But Nancy liked the fact that he was also in Big Love.
The pictures above show Nancy, Mike and I and also a picture of the scene where Mr. Myer and me as a kid get up in front of the student body and educate them about Tourette Syndrome for the first time. This is my favorite scene and you will see why when you watch the movie! I will not share any spoilers in this BLOG! You’ll have to watch this scene very carefully!
Dominic does an amazing job, as always, in this scene. I guess you have to be on set to truly understand how hard acting and filming really is for everyone. This one scene started around 8am and was not completed until 5pm. The children who were the extras in the film sitting in the audience did a great job behaving and I’d like to give credit to the orchestra who played the same song over and over and over and over and over and over(I think you get the point).
I’m honored that Mike was selected for this role because he does a great job.

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  1. Beth Harati Says:

    My children and I were thrilled to see Mike in this movie! We used to attend church with Mike and his family. They are a wonderful family. I teach in Cherokee Co and was thrilled to see that you used to teach in Cobb Co. I just wish I had seen this movie or read your book years ago. I try very hard to be a good teacher too. I have had two children with TS over the past 10+ years of teaching but many more with other issues. I just had one pass away with brain cancer. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

  2. brenda Says:

    Yep, I saw you in the background there!!!

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