Mr. Cohen’s Class Reunion

On September 18th, I had my favorite book signing! I had a reunion with my former students from Mountain View Elementary. I was so excited to see how they have grown up over the years. My first 2nd grade class students are now Juniors in High School. It was great to sign their books… book could not be successful with out all of their support. Getting to know these kids and their families has been a highlight of being a teacher for the past 10 years. The scary part is that some of them are taller than me!

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  1. Deanise Says:

    I just watched the Hallmark movie Front of the Class. What a wonderful story! You are truley an inspiration to all. Thank you for being you!

  2. Dana Says:

    My daughter and I were wondering if the character “Heather” (the one who dies by Easter)was a true student of Mr. Cohen or a fabrication for story telling. Can anyone let us know?

  3. admin Says:

    Yes, the story of Heather is real. The relationship is explored in greater detail in the book and in real life she dies about 5 years after Brad’s first year of teaching.

  4. Emerita Cervantes Says:

    this weekend i caught about 75% of the movie. i didn’t get the title because i tuned in late, but let me tell you that i was really really inspired by your story. mr. cohen, you are a fine example of one who refused to make his “handicap” an excuse for not achieving success in life. thank you for sharing your life with us. i must admit, though, that throughout the movie i kept wondering what the ending would be–would you listen to what others were saying and just give up on your dream of becoming a teacher, or would your “stubbornness” finally pay off? i’m so glad your story ended the way it did! by the way, i’m a university teacher who started as an elementary grades teacher. You have a fan here in the Philippines. God bless.

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Tim Shriver - Chairman of Special Olympics

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