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Movie Question: Did I really meet Nancy my first year of teaching?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
Notice the new Cardinals hat I gave Nancy right after the proposal!

Notice the new Cardinals hat I gave Nancy right after the proposal!

Nancy will you marry me?

Nancy will you marry me?

The Wedding Day with Yummy Cake!

The Wedding Day with Yummy Cake!

Many people have asked me if I really met my wife Nancy my first year of teaching. And the answer is no. We actually didn’t meet until 2004, while my first year of teaching was 1996. For the sake of making the movie only last 2 hours, they had to move the timeline up a few years to make things work. I mean come on, would this movie really have happened without a love scene………this is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie of course! Nancy always kids around saying that this movie would not have happened without her being part of the story. She might be right:) I mean we all remember the big kiss scene at my mom’s house on Thanksgiving! Yucky 🙂

The one thing I was surprised Hallmark didn’t include was the way I proposed to her. It was in Napa Valley where I surprised Nancy and went up in a hot air balloon and down below was a 20 foot sign saying “Nancy will you marry me?” I had to add the picture because I knew you wouldn’t believe me. I mean come on, this all can’t possibly be true? Can it?

Movie Question: Was Heather Real?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
Brad and Heather visit for final time

Brad and Heather visit for final time, click on the picture to see a better quality photo

Heather was a real person! In the movie, the timeline was a little different. Heather was in my first 2nd grade classroom in 1996 and didn’t get sick until her 5th grade year. She passed away from Cancer in January of her 6th grade year.

To learn more about Heather and the impact she made in my life, check out Chapter 13, “Remembering Heather.” You’ll be able to read about Heather’s “Fifth Grade Walk,” our last visit together, my feelings during the funeral, and how I made sure Heather was never forgotten as we got our school involved with Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Here you will see a picture of Heather and I during our last visit together before she passed away.

I know that many people were touched by the loss of Heather in the movie. She was a special girl and I’m honored that “Hallmark Hall of Fame” wanted to keep her memory alive in the movie. I know Heather’s family is grateful.

Katherine Shepler did an amazing job in the movie playing the role of Heather. I know we will see Katherine in many more movies in the future. Everyone on set enjoyed being around her. Heather would be proud of her!

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