front_196-Are you interested in hearing a dynamic motivational speaker?

Oprah, People Magazine, Inside Edition, CNN, Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie…………Now Your Group!

“Brad gets up, and all of a sudden you could just sort of feel the energy in the room dialed up about 50 amps, I looked up at one point, and half the kids were crying, and the next minute they were rolling on the floor laughing. Eyes were wide open.” – Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics



front_196-You’ve hear it a million times, “Keep that Positive Attitude”

For some this might be easier said than done. We need for someone to help us understand what having a positive attitude is all about and what it may look like. We need for people to see how to make it happen in our everyday lives.

Brad Cohen knows what it’s like to be rejected and to be treated differently. Brad made the choice to have a positive attitude and persevere through his daily challenges. Brad chose to never give up. He decided to take his negative experiences and turn them into educational moments for others to learn how to become better people.


Brad’s motivational presentations are about positive attitude, perseverance, giving people a chance, accepting differences, overcoming obstacles, celebrating abilities, and setting high expectations and achieving your goals.

Brad says “I may physically have a disability, but I don’t call it that. It has a name and it is Tourette Syndrome. You call it a disability because you view me as being different and you haven’t truly had a chance to know what I’m capable of doing. If having a disability means being Georgia’s First Class Teacher of the Year, being an author, or traveling across the world, then yes, I have a disability.”


If you’re looking for someone who walks the walk and talks the talk, then you found your man. Brad is that positive role model that reminds us that dreams can come true and even the underdog has a chance to be successful.

Let Brad take you on his journey and remind us all that we can make a difference one day at a time if given the chance.

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  1. The Power of ONE: All it Takes is for One Person to Make a Difference in a Life of a Child
  2. Overcoming Obstacles and Winning the Game of Life
  3. Celebrating Abilities and Creating a Positive Attitude for All
  4. My Constant Companion “Tourette Syndrome”: My Best Friend
  5. Corporate Speeches for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: 1) Why This Matters 2)The Elephant in the Room….IT’S ME!!!



"Brad Cohen is a walking billboard for the idea of living positively. He is like a cold drink on a hot day--refreshing, energizing, and likely to put a smile on your face."
Tim Shriver - Chairman of Special Olympics

"I have observed the magic of Brad Cohen in the classroom. He has turned Tourette Syndrome into an asset, and his life into inspiration."
Senator Johnny Isakson, Georgia

"Brad Cohen's story is a triumph of hope, determination, will and relentless good humor."
Peter J. Hollenbeck, Ph.D., Professor and
Associate Head of Biological Sciences,
Purdue University

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