The Newest Addition to the Family: Dylan Louis Cohen

Nancy and I are excited to announce the birth of our baby boy, Dylan Louis Cohen, born on March 25, 2010 at 6:40pm. He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 19 inches long.

We are a happy family and we appreciate all the kind notes that have come in from so many of our fans.

We appreciate the support!
Cheers, Brad Cohen


30 Responses to “The Newest Addition to the Family: Dylan Louis Cohen”

  1. Jessica Holland Says:

    Congrats! He’s beautiful!

  2. Wayne Says:

    CONGRATS! What a beautiful baby boy! We’re Grandparents and love children. I’m sitting here watching the Movie on Hallmark Channel and had to learn more about Tourette’s. I ran into you. I did not realize who you are. Just wanted to say hello, congratulations on the birth of Dylan Louis on all you do to promote understanding.

    Wayne Sasser

  3. Beate Says:

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you both 🙂

  4. Dee-Ann Says:

    I first learned of tourette’s when i saw your interview on Oprah a few years ago! education does indeed breaks the backbone of ignorance!! I saw your movie yesterday on Hallmark and it brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on my own teaching journey. There are several students in my class who are having a difficult time achieving and most times they are left behind. I am a Jamaican teacher with 45 first graders and the situation, though better than many, is not always the most favourable. I am even more adamant now than before that despite the conditions, i am going to do all I can to get these students reading. good work Brad and congratulations on the BABY !!

  5. Robert McKim Says:

    It is always a joy to be parents. Hope all is well and Dylan is doing fine. By the way, my middle name is Louis also.

  6. AMANDA Says:

    Dear Brad and Nancy
    Congratulations from Queensland, Australia! What a beautiful baby!
    Thank you for the inspirational book and movie.
    Tbank you!!

    Amanda Gardner

  7. Leslie Says:

    Congratulations! He is lucky to have such great parents:)

  8. Tina Walker Says:

    Cangratulations from Taylorsville, NC. My son Dawson has TS, and Brad, you have been his biggest inspiration! Remember, you were the American Hero he did his project on, wrote the poem about, and dressed up like last year in 5th grade? We are so thrilled for ya’ll!! Dylan is beautiful, and is known around the world it sounds like! Wishing your family continued happiness, Tina

  9. tony kull Says:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to both of you, Brad and Nancy

    I have watched the movie now 5 times and I am so amazed. Now I will have to
    get the book. God has made both of you to be so very special parents. And when
    Dylan is school age, he will have a very special parent to be a teacher.

  10. Barry Haber Says:

    Dear Brand and Nancy,
    Contratulations from Haifa, Israel! Welcome to the parents’ club. Saw you movie last night and it was inspirational. I will suggest that other teachers and pupils see this film. I think there is a great deal to learn from it.
    I’ve been teaching for about 41 years both in South Bronx, N.Y. and Israel. I’ve been an English coordinator in Junior and Senior High Schools and have been teaching teachers for about 35 years. Recently, I retired.
    If you ever get a chance to visit Israel, let me know and I’ll show you around Haifa.
    Enjoy your baby.

  11. Saya Muranaga Says:

    Dear Brad and Nancy

    I watched “Front of the Class” yesterday with my son who has Tourette Syndrome. He was very impressed and said he also wants to be a teacher like you. He also wanted to know if you have a child. He is very happy to know that you and Nancy have such an adorable baby, Dylan. Congratulations from Tokyo, Japan!

  12. crystal wang Says:

    I just watched the movie and then I googled your name.
    Finally got this website.
    wish your family all the best! Brad,Nancy and Dylan!

  13. Kristie Says:

    Heard about you and your movie from several friends. I just got it in the mail Friday and I am clearing my schedule Monday morning to share it with my 4th grade class! Congratulations on the birth of Dylan. Thank you for sharing your story and making a difference!

  14. Delene Tyson Says:

    Dear Brad and Nancy

    Congratuations and best wishes to your birth of your son Dylan. Last night I watch the movie Front of the Class. I was so inspired by your story. I have worked the last 11 years in Early Chldhood Early Learning Centre in Australia. You have inspired me to with your determination, humour and
    and the will to succeed. I am studying at University for Education Support with children with additional need. It is heart-breaking to see discrimination and negative attitude from other professional. We should promote difference is okay and acceptable. Treat everyone as a individual.

  15. Thanh Cao Says:

    Oh, I don’t know what to say ! I’ve just known about you for 4 hrs, on yr film, and I’m really admire your inspiration. That gave me so much to live and to love ! Thanks Brad so much, and Congratulations to your family ! I wish you a happy family ever and ever !!!
    By the way, I come from Viet nam, suprise ? 🙂

  16. Lucas Says:

    hey Brad, I came from China and I just saw the movie on HBO yesterday.
    I’m inspired by your life so much.
    Congrats on the birth of your baby boy!
    Best wishes for you and your family!

  17. toby060912 Says:

    hi Mr.Cohen. I’m a junior high school student from Taiwan.I saw the movie on HBO this afternoon,and it is really touching.The movie make me be braver. you’re baby is really cute.Congratulations 🙂

  18. tony kull Says:

    Brad and Nancy,
    This baby will bring so much LOVE AND JOY into your lives. I hope you will share Dylan’s baptism pictures in the Jewish temple/synagogue. Again, this christian and lutheran man wishes you the very best for your family.
    tony kull

  19. Leslie Says:

    What a beautiful baby! Congrats! He is a lucky boy to be born to such wonderful parents.

  20. Judy Says:

    Hello Brad,
    I have just watched your film, and I wanted to say that you have inspired me. I have just finished my degree and it is my life long ambbition to be a teacher. Although I do not have tourettes, I suffer from depression. Not in anyway the same I grant you, but I just wanted to say you have inspired me to carry on in my quest to become a teacher. If I become anyway as good as you and have your spirit and courage, I will be pleased with myself. I am very grateful for your inspiration. I wish you and your family, especially your beautiful new edition, all the luck and love in the world.
    Your with kind wishes
    Judy Bemrose
    london, uk.

  21. Wilma Young Says:

    I saw your movie Front of the class yesterday and it was inspiring to say the least. I am a retired Registered Nurse, and have heard of Tourette Syndrome but have never seen it. Your spirit is courageous. The movie was excellant. Your new baby is beautiful, enjoy him. It is great you are teaching children about challenges and how to cope with them. God Bless you and your family.

  22. Jenn Says:

    Congrats. on your son Dylan.
    I’m praying that if he has TS like his dad, that people will be able to understand TS better.
    I think that when Dylan is older that his parents should him the movie Front of the Class.
    May God bless you with more children!

  23. Lisa Hogarth Says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby! You are an inspiration! I have just finished reading “Front of the Class” and wanted to catch up and see what you have been doing since then. Yours is an amazing story. I have a daughter who was diagnosed with TS last year and it has helped us immensely. Thank You.

  24. Cheryl Dennis Says:

    Hey Brad I have just finished watching Front of The Class about your life with Tourette Syndrome, I don’t know whar cause this but I am very proud of how you handled it, the movie was inspirational, I want to congratualte you on the birth of your son and I know you’re proud of him. I must admit they did good at finding the right character to be you and also the girl who played your wife. I am not sure if you still live in Atlanta but if you do maybe one day we will run into each other.

  25. Nancy Suárez Says:

    Congratulations,,,,i was watching your movie these weekend in tv……….i have to say,,,,,,,, and after that i was searching in internet about the TS and your life……I loved the movie,,and i have to say you are a great and a good man….Congratulations to you and Nancy for the baby,,,,God bless you, Nancy and baby,,i hope tha from Colombia…

  26. Carolina Says:

    From Venezuela, now you a new fan! what a moving story. Brad you have my respect. Thank you for teaching us how to create opportunities and inclusion. My favorite part? when you discovered you wanted to be a teacher. Congratulations to you and Nancy…and I hope Dylan comes with a lot of gifts too.

  27. Bob Wilson Says:

    We have exchanged e-mails before, I am the one who name his Mini Schnauzer, BOBO, he is now 7 months. Have seen your movie over and over again and each time I see it am so amazed by your strength and courage. You have inspired this 67 yr old man. I tell anyone who will listen about your book and movie. Once again congrats on Dylan, you and Nancy will be the perfect parents. God Bless.

  28. Thereza Cristina Abrão Tuma e Silva Says:

    Primeiramente parabéns pelo lindo bebê.Tive a oportunidade feliz de ver o filme pela tv.Para mim foi tudo de bom ,pois sou professora e aposentei-me há 2 anos.Amo a educação e decidi abrir um Centro de Apoio para crianças com dificuldade de aprendizagem.Graças a Deus tenho o dom de trabalhar com crianças que precisam de acolhimento.No meu Centro de Apoio, eu ensino as tarefa escolares,pois as crianças já frequentam uma escola regular,(atendo no horário contrário à escola regular)No meu grupo de alunos tem um garoto com a Sídrome de Tourett.O filme veio acrescentar muito no meu trabalho com ele e também para instruir os pais ,acalmá-los e mostrar-lhes que a criança vence.O importante é estarmos de coração aberto para o acolhimento do diferente.Abraços e parabéns pela superação.

  29. Jeff Alverson Says:

    Your story is so inspiring. I saw your movie again tonight. I am a missionary to the US military personnel and their families where they are stationed in different parts of the world. Our mission headquarters (Baptist International Missions, Inc) is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN area, near where we live.
    Thank you again for your inspiring story. My wife, Joyce, and I wish you well and hope you know our Savior in the free pardon of sin. God bless you, my friend.

    Jeff Alverson

  30. Eva Jakob Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful movie. I just watched it on hallmark movie channel. You have made the world a better place. I hope my grandchildren will havevteachers like you in their lifetime. Nothing less than amazing!

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