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I’m excited to share two video clips with you. Camp Twitch and Shout-The Movie (a 30 minute documentary) and a 7 minute preview of what Camp Twitch and Shout is all about. They were put together by Emmett “Butch” Williams, one of my former counselors from Camp Sabra when I was growing up. Emmett spent a week with us at Camp Twitch and Shout to film what we were all about.

These movies will give you insight of what it is like to have Tourette syndrome and what we deal with on a daily basis. At the same time, it will show you why Camp Twitch and Shout needs to be supported and the difference we are making in the lives of children and adults with TS.

Camp Twitch and Shout provides an opportunity for children with Tourette syndrome to join others who are similar to themselves and just have fun for one week. Our goal, is that those memories made will stick with everyone for a lifetime. I believe these movies will show you what happened for one week and how that week changed lives forever!

This is why I have also started The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation, Inc. To raise money to help support Camp Twitch and Shout and other camps and programs like this for children with Tourette syndrome around the country. If you are interested in making a donation, visit

June 27-July 2, 2010 will be the dates for this year’s Camp Twitch and Shout, located just outside of Atlanta, GA. Applications will be ready around February 1st. We will be looking for both campers and volunteers from around the country to attend.

Enjoy the movies and as always, thanks for the support!

Cheers, Brad


4 Responses to “Camp Twitch and Shout- The Movie”

  1. Jasper Says:

    Wow…there aren’t many words to describe just how amazing it is what you all are doing. GOD’s blessing on you Mr. Cohen and you too Mr. Jeff Cohen

  2. Michelle Gellman Says:

    How do I sign up to be a camp counselor? A few years ago I was selceted as a camp counselor on a volunteer basis, but was let go because of my disability. I have a gluten intolerance for which I’m currently searching for a cure of my own!! I have other disabilities but like you Jeff, I have accepted them… I just want someone to see me for myself & to look past the outside!! To list my disabilities would take a short novel to say the least. Actually, i am an aspiering writer & teacher myself. I just need financial help {because my ONLY source of income is SSI and VESID turned me down} in getting the tools (adaptive technology) I need to be sucessful in my choosen career! I hope ALL is going well for you & Nancy.

    With Continued Love & God’s Blessings,

    Michelle L. Gellman

  3. Bonnie Schuster Says:

    I am watching your film on the camp and see the date for camp is this the only camp dates you have this summer? Also can I add your web sites to my blog as a recommendation/link for sites I have interest in.

    I notice in your video you do crafts at camp. Do you need crafters to help the children. Do You need patterns of crafts for the children. I sew, do ceramics, paint, draw, if it would help you I would love to share anything including time. I can’t lift over 5 pounds because of spine problems; but I am still able to take care of myself without aid.

  4. admin Says:

    We are assembling our team of volunteers now. I need to check where we are at in regards to the arts portion of the camp. If you can check back with me in about a month, we will know more! Cheers and thanks for your comments. Brad

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