Movie Question: Was the Trucker Buddy program real? Was Maxine real?

Have a Trucker Buddy like our class did!  Maxine was for real!

Have a Trucker Buddy like our class did! Maxine was for real! (But this is not our class pictured)

Yes it was! Are you a teacher interested in doing a great geography unit with your students. Here is the link for the Trucker Buddy Program. Sign up now and get a trucker buddy to travel around the nation and be your classes pen pal.

As you saw in Front of the Class, the kids love it and maybe someday your trucker buddy will be in your area and surprise your class just like “Maxine” surprised our class.

Is this a project you think your students would enjoy? How would you use the trucker buddy program in your class?

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2 Responses to “Movie Question: Was the Trucker Buddy program real? Was Maxine real?”

  1. Kim Says:

    I saw your movie back in December and loved it. I also loved the idea of having an OTR trucker for use in teaching geography. We homeschool and are part of a homeschool co-op. One of the moms grew up having a dad who was an OTR trucker. He is mostly in-state now and I am hoping he is willing to help up with “in depth” state geography. In the mean time, he has hooked us up with one of his trucker friends who is more than happy (down right excited is more like it) to be our “trucker buddy” and help us play “Where in America is Driver _____?”

    Thank you for the inspiration. Both keeping going on against all odds and the “Trucker Buddy” idea.

  2. courtney heuermann Says:

    i have TS also. brad cohen has been such an influence in my life. because of him, i now have the courage to stand up to the people who make fun of me, and to tell people about my TS. i am still reading front of the class book, and i have DTV, so when the movie premiere of Front of the class came on, i recorded it, and now i watch it like a billion times a day. well gotta go, time to watch my Front of the class recording again. peace! oh and by the way brad, if you read your comments, i also have been living with TS since i was 6 years old, now i’m eleven. peace!

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