Movie Question: Does Brad really like Milli Vanilli?

Yes the rumors are true, we love Milli Vanilli!

Yes the rumors are true, we love Milli Vanilli!

Absolutely!  Sometimes things are made up in movies and sometimes the movie is totally correct.  My friends can verify that both Nancy and I really do love Milli Vanilli.  It is our goal that Milli Vanilli will make a comeback after the premiere of Front of the Class.

Do you like Milli Vanilli or are we the last two genuine Milli Vanilli fans?

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6 Responses to “Movie Question: Does Brad really like Milli Vanilli?”

  1. Jami Meller Says:

    I still love Milli Vanilli! I saw them in concert when they were hot hot hot!!

    I wished we could still see them, but isnt one of the guys deceased???

  2. Jessica Says:

    My husband and I both are fans…lol. We just don’t tell many people about it. ☺

  3. Ron Hirsch Says:

    Sorry to report that either Milli or Vanilli died, thus ending any chance of a reunion tour

  4. skb Says:

    Milli Vanilli is a guilty pleasure. Sadly, a reunion is impossible.

    Milli Vanilli ‘Singer’ Dead At 32
    Rob Pilatus found dead in a German hotel room.

  5. Carla Says:

    We like Milli Vanilli songs too.
    Especially “Girl you know it’s true and girl i’m gonna miss you”. 😀

  6. Leelee Says:

    No, you’re not the only Milli Vanilli fans left. I like them, too.

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